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Affordable Mattresses Made Just for You
Our mattresses are not only comfortable and supportive, they are also extremely affordable. We keep the prices low because we make every mattress to order. We do not keep any extra stock; this keeps our overhead prices extremely low. We use a lean manufacturing process with materials made only in the USA, which helps keep the overall manufacturing prices low, too. When you buy direct from the factory at, you do not have to pay a retailer or other middleman. We are the factory, so you save.

Our highly trained employees specialize in quality mattress production.
Padding is stitched into our covers.
Quality insurance is an absolute must at GelFoamBed.
Foam layers getting ready for assembly.
Fire retardant layering.
High quality threading for product stability.
Covers are stitched and produced in house.
Outer layer production is a precision art.
Mattresses are vacuum sealed and packaged for transportation.
After being sealed the mattresses are then boxed and shipped.
Space saving means lower shipping costs.
GelFoamBeds are all comprised of the highest quality products.